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Visas - Japan
Japanese Cherry blossoms in springtime
Japanese Cherry blossoms in springtime
EFL instructors desirous of teaching English in Japan will quickly discover the grand potential in this particular market. Although the teaching English profession has long since reached Japan, the opportunities are endless for those certified to teach English, and particularly for those affiliated with English For Living INC. For English teachers, Japan is considered the best place to begin this next adventure in your life. If you have not taught abroad before, Japan most certainly will prove to be the best starting place for you and your new career.

However, in order to ensure your new Career has few problems as possible, you will need to take the appropriate bureaucratic steps beforehand. Japan, like any other country, has a certain procedure to be followed in order to work within its borders. And, perhaps, requires one of the most detailed format to be followed. As is the case with most countries, the door is truly wide open for those holding a University diploma, as they can apply for the Working Visa. But, working in Japan is not restricted to only those individuals! Those who do not have a diploma are instead able to apply for what is known as the Working Holiday Visa.

The Working Visa is for EFL Instructors intending to work full time, and it can be granted for a one-year period, active upon arrival to Japan, or a three-year working visa, likewise activated upon arrival. The requirements for this visa are detailed and specific.

The Working Holiday Visa is for EFL instructors without a BA degree, between the ages of 19-25, but who are desirous to teach English in Japan. This Visa can only be granted one time to an individual, and is good for a period of six-months, with an extended six-month visa granted upon re-application and request. The requirements for this Visa are likewise detailed and very specific.

EFL English instructors can apply for these visas before departure to Japan, or can be granted a visa upon arrival to Japan, from the EFL sponsor there in.

The first step in applying for any entry visa to Japan is to contact the nearest Consulate General of Japan. Your travel agent will prove to be an invaluable aid in this regard. Upon receiving the application, the following is an outline for requirements to expect when applying for both the Working Visa, and the Working Holiday Visa:

Applicants must submit the following:
(both originals & photocopies)

I VALID PASSPORT (must have at least one blank visa page, valid for at least one year at application date)

II TWO RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS (recent - taken within last 3 months, good quality, passport size)

III COMPLETED OUTLINE OF STAY FORM (attached to Working Holiday Visa information wherein you must state what you intend to do during every month of your stay in Japan; all boxes must be completed, specific details about areas you wish to visit & activities/work plan to engage in; it is recommended to show you plan to see various parts of the country, as well as experience various historical locations)

IV LETTER OF MOTIVE (herein you will explain your motives for applying, letter - signed & dated, at least half a page, typed & single-spaced)

V RETURN AIRLINE TICKETS (tickets must show route to destination & return to city departed - ORIGINAL TICKETS MUST be PRESENTED at appointment & photocopies of travel route)


VII TRAVELLER’S CHEQUES (min. $2500.00 CAN - or funds equivalent to, submit original traveler’s cheque’s and photocopies of purchaser's agreements)

VIII TRAVELLERS' SUPPLEMENTARY MEDICAL INSURANCE (SHOW original purchase agreement or receipt, PROVIDE photocopy, min. length 180 days)

IX PROVINCIAL HEALTHCARE CARD (SHOW current/valid healthcare card, PROVIDE photocopy)

X LETTER OF HEALTH (issued from doctor on DR. letterhead, stating no communicable disease & fit to travel)

In the case of applying for the Working Visa, you will also have to provide specific information in regards to your diploma, etc.

IMPORTANT: You must apply in person. You must phone ahead of time and book an appointment with the consulate, specifying the visa you are applying for. It takes approximately one to two weeks’ time for Visa processing, so book your appointment accordingly, in relation to your departure date. You must have all the details mentioned above completed, and placed in order of request on the application. It is YOUR responsibility to provide all the necessary photocopies, as they will not accommodate you in this regard. As well, it is best to dress, and act, very respectfully with all Japanese Consulate personnel at all times.
After being granted the Visa, you will be required to take an oath to not engage in any employment contrary to WHV arrangements. This will be specified to you at the time of the Visa pick up.

Do you have other questions? Please send your inquiries to Enjoy your teach and travel opportunity in Japan with EFL! As is the case with other EFL Instructors teaching in Japan, it will undoubtedly prove to be a life-changing, inspirational experience!

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