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Instructor Profile Review
Profile Review
Profile Review
EFL is proud to present the profile of Chantell:

Hello world! My name is Chantell! To tell you a little about myself: I spend much time volunteering and I absolutely love teaching others of all ages and backgrounds. I have lived in Canada for most of my life but would love to travel to Taiwan where I would use my English teaching abilities to help others. To be able to do this I know that it is very important to continue learning myself and grow as an EFL Instructor. To me it is very important that I reach my students. I feel in order to do this I personally need to develop the highest quality of English instruction methods. After I have accomplished this, the student can now likewise be taught the highest quality of English instruction in the least amount of time. I first encountered the opportunity of using English For a Living at a TESOL course hosted by the Canadian Institute of English. I recommend teaching English to anyone who is looking for a rewarding and adventurous career!

English For Living is an online teaching management resource. One of our goals is to work with professional Instructors, like Chantell, to help them meet their goals. This is done by managing Chantell’s teaching business online. We will also try to obtain clients for Chantell when she moves to Taiwan. This will enable her to expand her opportunities to teach and travel. EFL will assist Instructors like Chantell to accomplish their teaching and travel around the world. We will try to make this possible wherever there is an internet connection. EFL takes much of the uncertainty out of teaching and traveling by providing online teaching management services and online support. As a result Chantell can focus on what she does best – teaching! With EFL backing her, Chantell can meet her personal goals to help others and to provide the highest quality of English instruction for her clients.

Check out my EFL profile by entering "Chantell" as an Alias and pressing GO at the top left of the EFL website. Enjoy the benefits of being part of the EFL online Teaching Community by registering for FREE for the first 1000 registrations.

Upload date: May 22, 2003 8:40 AM

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