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Policies and procedures

General Policies and Procedures.   These are simple process maps that help you to understand some of the policies of English for Living.   They are available in PDF format, if you can not read them, please downloade the latest copies of Acrobat Reader.

Download Acrobat Reader
Check out the designations that are available when you become a member.  See which one you qualify for.
See our Code of Ethics by which English for Living members are bound.

Please download, print and read the EFL Instructor's Guide to get the most benefit from your registration.



The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to give general statements of the principles of ethical conduct in order that the members of EFL may fulfill their duty to the public, the profession and to other EFL members.

The following Preamble to the EFL Code of Ethics shall be construed as a general guide, and not as a denial of the existence of other duties equally imperative and other rights though not specifically mentioned.

Members of EFL shall,

1.      Abide by all standards of the Code of Ethics and code of conduct as stipulated by English For Living;

2.      Have the highest respect for all individuals, their rights, welfare and dignity. EFL members are not to discriminate others based on race, sex, religion, age, disability or national origin;

3.      Conduct themselves with honesty and integrity towards clients and employers;

4.      Maintain confidentiality in matters of sensitivity and to avoid conflicts of interest that will represent poorly upon their reputation, level of designation, and of themselves and EFL;

5.      Conduct themselves with professionalism in all matters associated with EFL and the instruction and promotion of English as a second language;

6.      Perform to the best of their ability and knowledge in the instruction of English;

7.      Be responsibility for acquiring and maintaining professional competence. Reaching set standards for appropriate levels of competence;

8.      Report any breach of conduct or disregard of EFL standards, any illegal or unethical professional decisions or practices by other members or others.


Members are instructed to refer to Guidelines for

Interpretation of the EFL Code of Ethics

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