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EFL Partnerships with English Education Schools
building lasting relationships
building lasting relationships
I would like to extend my thanks for allowing English For Living Inc (EFL) the opportunity to work with you and your training center in building a partnership for providing certified English Instructors and quality clients in the instruction of English as a second language.

At English For Living, we are working hard to qualify and publicizing the professional experience, education and conduct of our new and seasoned English Instructors. We are setting the standards and bringing creditability to the English Teaching Profession. Our online service publishes the verified experience and education of EFL Instructors by granting them a professional designation that recognizes their level of experience and credentials.

You may browse the website for instructors and request for more detailed Information on the requested Instructors along with the recommendations from EFL administration for your ESL facility to meet your English Instructor personnel requirements. It is beneficial to you to have your present instructors register and certified through English For Living; we will provide a free trial period for all your Instructors to use the service.

Here is a summary of the benefits of partnering with English For Living and using EFL Certified Instructors:

• Established a standard by which English Instructors are measured with and verifiable Instructor information published online,
• Online advertising to clients and instructors of your training center,
• Clients can be referred your way as they register on the EFL service,
• Qualified Designations (EI, ECI, EPI, ECT), teaching experience or education; online searching for new instructors to teach at your school is made easy,
• Your Instructors can participate in open forums with professional English instructors from around the world – to have their questions answered and share successful teaching ideas,
• Your Instructors may obtain advanced training at group discounts through EFL to enhance their teaching qualifications,
• Provides access to standardized curriculum, references and other resources,
• Clients can directly check out the profiles of the instructors who will be teaching them,
• Future opportunity to qualify for and apply as an EFL Certified Education Center to have the ability to issue official EFL Program graduation certificates for your clients which are verifiable online,
• Instructors can apply for available positions to you directly; postings can be put into EFL “Join Discussion” to request for Instructors,
• Creates publicity for your school as potential students/clients search/surf through the EFL website; basic information about your school can be accessed by students and Instructors through your personal link on our system,
• Online advertisements and exposure for your training center through mutual advertising of each others ad banners on each others websites; [to be negotiated],
• Clients who request English training are asked if they prefer classroom environments for instruction. Those who do will be referred to the most appropriate training centers from our list of approved English Education Schools. Your participation will put you on this list.

EFL is an online teaching management service with international exposure. Our strength is in our quality management of our membership services and our list of qualified and categorized English Instructors and clients. We look forward to developing a strong partnership with you to expand the professional in the English Teaching profession by providing the best English Instructors available to your training facility.


Nick Trieu,
President, English For Living Inc.

Upload date: May 21, 2003 10:53 PM

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