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EFL is a online community of English Teachers and Students. Our programs are developed from a combination of our professional staff and EFL members tried and tested methods and lessons. We welcome your contributions to improve the service and our English programs. Please submit any ideas or program lessons that works for you to The list of documents below are ones we are reviewing and your comments on them are appreciated. Our combined efforts will improve the online service and improve the quality of education by fellow professional English Instructors for their Clients.



    TAIWAN 台灣


The Taiwanese are a people eager to learn English, and it truly provides many teaching opportunities for EFL instructors.  To work in Taiwan, you need to acquire a work visa.  In the case of Taiwan, you need to have a BA or a minimum 2-year college diploma in combination with a TESOL certificate, to be eligible.


The average Salary of an English teacher is approximately $1800 – $2000US per month, based on 25 to 35 hours of teaching per week.  However, the benefits are this:  The cost of living is quite low, between $600 – $800US per month for one person, along with up to $2000 US per month in private tutoring opportunities. 


In Taiwan, generally speaking, accommodations are not provided for English Instructors.


?? CHINA   

In the past 5 years, China has quickly taken the lead in the demand for English Instructors.  EFL Instructors are in even greater demand in this large, populous nation.  To work in China, you are able to teach English if you have the combination of a high school degree and a TESOL certificate.  However, it is easy to acquire a working Visa for those who have a BA degree.  Otherwise, the opportunities are truly unprecedented for English Instructors in this country!


The average Salary of an English teacher is approximately $400 - $1800 US per month, based on 25 – 35 hours of teaching per week.  However, the expenses are considerably cheap, at $80 – 150 US per month for one person.  This comes especially cheap since almost always, accommodations are provided for English Teacher in China.  After class, the private tutoring opportunities are tremendous! 


The amount to be earned we will leave unspecified, as we are certain every EFL Instructor, teaching in China, will be continually swamped with students and opportunities to teach English.


    JAPAN 日本


Japan is considered to be the best starting point for any EFL Instructor considering teaching English Abroad for the very first time.  The people are polite, considerate, helpful, and certainly respectful; all this contributes to helping you relax and adjust quickly to life in Japan.  Although the cost of living is by far the highest in all of Asia, the wages certainly do compensate for this.  To teach in Japan, you need one of two Visas: work visa requiring a BA or Working Holiday Visa for those between the ages of 19 – 25.  If you have no BA, and are not between 19-25, you can enter Japan on a tourist Visa, and upon finding employment, you can acquire a Working Visa from your employer/sponsor.


The average salary of an English teacher in Japan is anywhere from 125,000yen to 250,000yen per month depending if you want to teach part-time or full time.  The true benefits come in area of private tutoring.  It is possible that you, as an EFL Instructor, will be capable of making anywhere from $1000 US to $2500 US per month, teaching the private clientele that we provide. 


In Japan, generally speaking, accommodations are not provided for English Instructors, however, some financial assistance is often given.

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