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Specialized English Courses
TOEFL This Test of English as a Foreign Language course through an examination will help the student to prove their English skills to a university or college. It will include topics such as: academic vocabulary building, real-life university material, listening...
TOEIC Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC test is the most recognized of English language tests. Over a million people take TOEIC tests each year. TOEIC tests are used by corporations and government agencies to assess the English language ability of their employees
Medical This course should handle medical terminology, medical office administrative skills, medical office practice and procedures, medical transcription, and the word processing skills necessary to function in a medical environment.
Legal This course will cover procedures and terminology, wills and estates, real estate, corporate and commercial law, civil litigation and family law, keyboarding and transcription skills…
Business This course will expose the student to administrative tools and business management that are required for working in an office. The program will include latest developments and business trends, understanding of computer software used in the office and general office procedures.

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