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General EFL Program
The English for Living General EFL programs help EFL clients develop English language skills for real situations. English Grammar is taught in a communicative manner, with an emphasis on using the learned structures orally. Communicative methodology is also used to develop English Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation.

Instructors can use weekly themes in their classes. Pair and group activities related to the theme improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Everyday English is also covered in the afternoon classes.

There are six levels, which are further divided into sub-levels. All students are placed in separate levels according to their grammar and conversation skills. Students usually progress to higher levels every 6 weeks. All courses are therefore planned in six-week sessions or whatever pace is suitable for the client. Clients may register for as many programs as they need.

If all six levels are completed, the EFL client may receive a EFL Diploma in General English. Clients who start at a higher level than beginner can take an assessment exam to receive credits in lieu of taking the lower level programs and use the credits towards their diploma.

Level 1-Low Beginner This is considered an absolute beginner level to student knowing minimal English. Recognizes and communicates with common gestures or isolated words. Knowledge of computers or technology in English is none. Can do routine jobs with no oral communication
Level 2-High Beginner Client can use simple words and phrases, fill out simple forms, understand some reading, and fill job positions where basic oral and written English is required.
Level 3-Low Intermediate Can understand sign and maps, simple forms, schedules, and directions. Entry-level jobs with written and oral English are achievable. Uses simple English computer programs.
Level 4-High Intermediate Is able to achieve basic social and survival English skills, can understand and perform simple written and oral communication on the phone, in-person, written messages, forms, and job applications. Capable of computer work.
Level 5-Low Advanced Phone use, cultural awareness, computer use, jobs with written and oral instruction, and basic survival skills are performed.
Level 6-High Advanced English use in work and social situations is advanced. Can interpret charts, forms, applications, and graphs. Phone communication, radio and TV are a minimal problem. Can teach computer use.

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